Creative Ideas!

A customer recently sent us these photos, showing us her creative use of our imprinted colored glass scripture stones.  We love these – so beautiful!  Thank you for sharing, Linda M.! on Etsy

Did you know that we have an Etsy Shop?  It’s slightly different from our website – pop on over and see what we have to offer!  Gifts, one-of-a-kinds, and limited production stones.


In the Etsy store, we’ve put together some sweet little trios of tokens that come in a gold gift bag.  These gift bags are perfect as party favors,  house warming gifts, pick-me-ups for a friend, congratulations and so much more.


Over on Etsy  we also offer limited production engraved river rocks.  These are overstock of custom designs that we’ve created over the years that are not in our regular stock inventory.  From graphics like pumpkins to inspirational sayings, you never know if something is going to be the perfect stone you’ve been looking for!  Hurry though, once these sell out, they are gone forever.


We also have one-of-a-kind glass stones, like this ‘Hand Over My Heart’ imprinted glass stone.

So, hurry on over and read our 5 Star reviews and make us one of your favorite shops!


Something Simply Beautiful

This time of year we all become a little sentimental and filled with emotion. The sights, smells, and sounds of the season evoke so many memories of family and friends. Cue the sappy music.

It may be cliche, but we honestly have some of the best customers. Perhaps it is the emotional connection that people have with words and sayings, but so many of our customers share their personal stories. Often these are heart-wrenching accounts of how our stones helped with remembrance or how our tokens provided inspiration through life’s trials. There is a reason we keep an ample supply of tissue around the warehouse…

But, occasionally we receive an email or call that simply makes us smile and fills us with joy–something simply beautiful. Here is one of those:

“Families are made in many ways. Some families are formed in a traditional way while others, a bit more unconventionally. No matter the circumstance, the love a parent holds for their child is sacred. Not too long ago, I ordered a number of “love” keys for a baby shower. While that in and of itself would have made for a nice gift for everyone, it hardly captures the sentiments of this particular shower. See, this was an adoption baby shower, a story several years in the making. Anyone familiar with adoption understands it is a long and often arduous process filled with emotional highs and lows. Anyone familiar with adoption is also keenly aware of the unique family dynamics that can arise when the time comes to welcome home the newest family member. I wanted to share with you how your “love” keys were the finishing touch that perfectly captured the joy and emotion of that day.”

Love Key on Baby Shower Gift

Images truly do say a thousand words. Seeing our “Love” key tied to a carefully wrapped pumpkin with the words, “this pumpkin grew in our hearts” absolutely melted ours.

As we all take a moment to say thanks this holiday season, we extend an heartfelt thank you to all of our customers and extended family. We wish you a safe and joyous holiday!

Getting Creative With Our Forever Family Blessing Coin


I have a friend who sells Origami Owl Lockets.  The company tagline is “Every Locket Tells a Story…What’s Yours?”  The idea is that you create a locket with charms or a necklace with dangles that represents your life.  I’ve created several themed necklaces (3 in fact…I’m kinda addicted) and I love them!

We recently designed a Blessing Coin with an adoption theme.  We call it our Forever Family Blessing Coin and it represents my own personal journey to adopt our son.  Turns out, it also works well with the Origami Owl dangles and a few of my adoptive mama friends thought so too!  The Happiness, Hope, Love, Tree of Life, initials, Karma, and Heart dangles all tie-in to this theme of adoption.  We all created our own special version of what adoption means to us and they are each just slightly different from the other.  I love that.

I also love that our products can be so versatile.  Whether you use our tokens as a necklace charm, a talismans for your pocket, a physical daily reminder of positive thoughts or just a pretty desk sitter – there is no limit to the energy they can create if you give them the power.

Tell us how you’ve created something with a token or stone.  We want to see!