Simple Heartfelt Centerpieces

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A trip to your local dollar store can provide a variety of ideas for displaying your Red Glass Pocket Hearts.

  • A large wine glass or flower vase filled with Red Glass Pocket Hearts adds a simple elegance to your table during the month of February.
  • Surrounding a candle with Red Glass Pocket Hearts makes a candlelit dinner with your sweetheart even more romantic.

Let your ideas flow!  Ideas are endless…

Wreath of Love

Replace the berries in your wreath with our Red Glass Pocket Hearts

What you need:

Wrap the foliage garland loosely around the wreath.  Then glue the red glass pocket hearts around the wreath.

Hang on your front door…and voila, a cute, colorful wreath perfect for the winter holidays or Valentine’s Day!

Another option…put a candle in the center and use for your table’s centerpiece…so simple and lovely!


Let your creative side help decorate your home

I took a plain wood tissue box, added paint and tokens, and created a lovely bathroom fixture!

What you need:

I decorated my box with a sea theme that would be perfect in a beach or lake house.  First I painted the box light blue. Then I glued ‘Sailboat’ and ‘Shell’ Inspiration Coins around the top border.  Cute and affordable home accent!


Make a potted plant ‘speak’ to you

Make a potted plant “speak” to you

Looking for a way to brighten up a flower pot?  Look no further, we have just the creative idea for you! 

 All you need:

  1. Flower pot – from my favorite dollar store, of course!
  2. Craft Glue
  3. Inspiration Coins that “speak” to you

I chose Inspiration Coins with the sayings like ‘Happy‘, ‘Harmony‘, & ‘Live Simply‘.  I also used coins picturing a butterfly, bee, and flowers.  Glue these on in your own creative design and your unique flower pot is ready for use.

~ Suzi

Tidbits on your shoulder

Fall is the perfect time to decorate your sweaters and jackets with fun and inspirational pins that are super easy to make! ~Natalie

What you need:

  • Glass Spirit Stones or pewter pocket tokens from
  • Jewelry pins with clutch backing found at your local craft store.
  • Craft glue
  1. Choose Pocket tokens or Glass Spirit Stones with a special
    meaning to you. I made a set with Protection Angel, Angel shape and Grace
    Cross. I also made one with a ‘Worry Less’ Glass Spirit Stone.
  2. Glue the token to the jewelry pin!  Now you’re ready to pin to your
    sweater, jacket or even a purse or book bag.

How easy is that?!

Barrettes…not just for kids!

It is so fast and easy to turn our pewter pocket tokens into
a classy barrette. I absolutely love these. ~Natalie

What You Need:

  1. Choose several pewter pocket tokens.  I lined up a row of five pewter hearts and three sand dollars for my two barrettes.
  2. Glue the pocket tokens to the barrette.
  3. Wear it!  (Be sure to wait for the glue to dry before
    putting it on!)

Make these for yourself, or make a grouping of three for a unique, practical gift!

Spruce up your bulletin board

I took a plain ole’ wooden bulletin board and added a little ‘bling’ in the form of glass spirit stones.  Now the board has both color AND inspiration!  ~Natalie

What You Need:

  1. An assortment of Glass Spirit Stones.
  2. A plain bulletin board with wood frame.
  3. Craft glue.

How to go from plain to wow in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose from the huge word selection of Glass Spirit
    .  I picked combinations of 2 words such as ‘Accept Change’ and ‘Trust Love’.
  2. Be creative and glue the stones in a pattern around the border of the bulletin board.
  3. Hang it up and enjoy!

3 Step Pocket Token Birdhouse

Got a gardening theme in your house?  Look at this adorable birdhouse that Brittany decorated with a little paint and pewter pocket tokens!

Items you will need:

– Unfinished wood birdhouse

– Paint and paint brush

– A variety of pewter pocket tokens from

– Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue

Step 1:  Paint birdhouse color of your choice.  I picked black to that the pink designs would really stand out!)

Step 2:  Paint designs or your choice with a different color of paint.  I picked pink and made them look like tree limbs, then added ‘flowers’ which are nothing but a circle of dots!

Step 3:  With your hot glue gun/super glue, adhere the tokens of your choice to the roof of your bird house.  I chose a variety of 64 pocket tokens.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Redesign a plain mirror into a conversation piece in a matter of minutes!

Items you will need:

– Mirror (any size, any shape, mine is from my beloved dollar store!)

– Glass Spirit Stones (item # 8400 from )

– Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue

This is as simple as arranging the stones in any pattern or spacing that feels right to you and then adhering them with your glue of choice.

I chose a few different words for my mirror but you could use all of one word like “Love” to make a statement in a master bedroom or “Laugh” for a child’s room.   Let your imagination run wild and have fun!  ~Suzi

Scrapbooking has gone to the dogs

Scrapbooking is one of my great passions and many people run away from it because pages can look very complex and hard to recreate.   Not true!

For this adorable page I wanted to really focus on the picture of the dogs but added a few tokens from to make the page really “talk” to you.  I chose the 3 inspiration coins (Frog-Smile #6471, Bee-Happy #6475, & Flower-Joy #6534) and used only the word side of the coin to add some interesting emotions to this page.  Then I used the Friendship Blessing Coin (# 3628mm ) which has “Friends Forever” on the reverse side as a final touch.

This page, as well as these dogs, will bring smiles for years to come!    ~Suzi