3 Step Pocket Token Birdhouse

Got a gardening theme in your house?  Look at this adorable birdhouse that Brittany decorated with a little paint and pewter pocket tokens!

Items you will need:

– Unfinished wood birdhouse

– Paint and paint brush

– A variety of pewter pocket tokens from www.CourageInStone.com

– Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue

Step 1:  Paint birdhouse color of your choice.  I picked black to that the pink designs would really stand out!)

Step 2:  Paint designs or your choice with a different color of paint.  I picked pink and made them look like tree limbs, then added ‘flowers’ which are nothing but a circle of dots!

Step 3:  With your hot glue gun/super glue, adhere the tokens of your choice to the roof of your bird house.  I chose a variety of 64 pocket tokens.

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