Frame Your Loved Ones

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You’ll need:

  • Red Glass Pocket Hearts
  • Inexpensive frame from Dollar Store or craft store
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • A photo of someone of love
  • Craft Glue

I spruced up a plain black frame by gluing hearts on each of the corners.  I found a frame with a cut-out of a heart in the center which I glued a sheet of black and white scrapbook paper to.  I then glued on a few hearts creating a perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

3 Step Pocket Token Birdhouse

Got a gardening theme in your house?  Look at this adorable birdhouse that Brittany decorated with a little paint and pewter pocket tokens!

Items you will need:

– Unfinished wood birdhouse

– Paint and paint brush

– A variety of pewter pocket tokens from

– Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue

Step 1:  Paint birdhouse color of your choice.  I picked black to that the pink designs would really stand out!)

Step 2:  Paint designs or your choice with a different color of paint.  I picked pink and made them look like tree limbs, then added ‘flowers’ which are nothing but a circle of dots!

Step 3:  With your hot glue gun/super glue, adhere the tokens of your choice to the roof of your bird house.  I chose a variety of 64 pocket tokens.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Redesign a plain mirror into a conversation piece in a matter of minutes!

Items you will need:

– Mirror (any size, any shape, mine is from my beloved dollar store!)

– Glass Spirit Stones (item # 8400 from )

– Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue

This is as simple as arranging the stones in any pattern or spacing that feels right to you and then adhering them with your glue of choice.

I chose a few different words for my mirror but you could use all of one word like “Love” to make a statement in a master bedroom or “Laugh” for a child’s room.   Let your imagination run wild and have fun!  ~Suzi

Fun With Plaster!

So I decided to see what I could create using our stones and tokens and some store bought plaster.  My plaster was actually a large stepping stone kit that I portioned into smaller amounts so I could make multiple items.

If you have never used plaster before (which I hadn’t) let me tell you it dries fast!  Before you begin mixing it make sure you know what design you are creating on the stones.    I ended up making 4 small stones which can be used as paperweights or markers for your garden.

As far as the how to on this one, I basically just followed the directions for mixing the plaster and then as soon as I had my forms molded I placed the different items into the plaster before it had any chance to dry.  I did pour some of the mix into large cookie cutters to help with a couple of the shapes, the others were formed by hand.

After I let all the stones dry I used paint to add a little more color to the stones.

These easy to create pieces can make great gifts, wonderful memorials, or just a nice project for a rainy day!

Have fun and use your imagination…the possibilities are endless!  ~Suzi