Fun With Plaster!

So I decided to see what I could create using our stones and tokens and some store bought plaster.  My plaster was actually a large stepping stone kit that I portioned into smaller amounts so I could make multiple items.

If you have never used plaster before (which I hadn’t) let me tell you it dries fast!  Before you begin mixing it make sure you know what design you are creating on the stones.    I ended up making 4 small stones which can be used as paperweights or markers for your garden.

As far as the how to on this one, I basically just followed the directions for mixing the plaster and then as soon as I had my forms molded I placed the different items into the plaster before it had any chance to dry.  I did pour some of the mix into large cookie cutters to help with a couple of the shapes, the others were formed by hand.

After I let all the stones dry I used paint to add a little more color to the stones.

These easy to create pieces can make great gifts, wonderful memorials, or just a nice project for a rainy day!

Have fun and use your imagination…the possibilities are endless!  ~Suzi

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