How to give your fish bowl a make-over

They say that plants are good for the soul.  OK, maybe that isn’t what they say at all, but around here we love to have greenery and something easy to take care of.

I had an unused fish bowl at home (previous occupants have gone on to fish heaven) and decided to liven it up a bit.  And here’s how!

Items you will need

  • Fish Bowl
  • Aquatic Plant (purchased from local pet shop)
  • Glass Engraved Spirit Stones from (Item #8400)
  • Fish (optional)**
This how-to is simple.  I placed 50 glass stones with different inspirational words on them in the bottom of the fish bowl, filled the bowl with water, and then placed my aquatic plants into the stones.
**As noted, fish are optional with this project!  No one here at the office has jumped at the chance to clean the fish bowl if a fish inhabits it, so for now we are enjoying the red glow of our Swedish Fish (with the help of a sewing needle, thread and clear tape…)!  ~Suzi

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