Google may be on to something

Cockapoo twins

“Like other Google offices…dogs are welcome, with a pet center complete with treats and toys near the coffee station.” 1/08,

Bynum and Max

Among other things, Google’s got this right.  Three of us in our office have dogs that we bring to work on a regular basis.  Our office is slightly smaller then the 60,000 square foot Google space, but I’m happy to say that our 200 square foot corporate center definitely boasts treats and toys near the coffee maker.

As a business owner, I’m constantly searching for ways to cut costs, increase productivity and maintain a safe environment for everyone.  Here’s how Bynum, Max and Baxter foster this philosophy on a daily basis.

1.  Security.  We know the exact moment the UPS, Fed Ex, Postal Carrier or freight truck turns the corner into our parking lot by the sound of Bynum’s frantic ‘they are coming to attack, they are coming to attack’ barking.  You never know when the delivery guy is going to kidnap you. It does not matter that this happens 3 times a day, everyday and not once has anyone ever been harmed by a delivery person.  Bynum is always looking out for our safety.

2.  Welcome committee.  I do not need to hire a receptionist, as Baxter is the front door greeter.  If someone should make it in the door without running screaming after hearing Bynum’s barking, Baxter is there as a small, wiggling ball of fur to lick and nuzzle the guest.  He is unfailingly polite as well, always offering a slobbered on, chewed up toy to share.

3.  Entertainment.  Max, on occasion, has been known to belt out a tune or two.  There is a certain ringer on one of the phone lines that he is particularly fond of and he will howl along with it.  We have been known to let the phone go just one more ring in order to enjoy his music.

4.  No time clocks required.  Our offices close promptly at 5PM.  Not because business is necessarily done for the day, or the phone isn’t ringing, or there’s no work to do.  But because it’s dinner time.

5.  Comic relief.  How can it not be funny when, in the middle of an accounting project, an email to a difficult customer or talking to a vendor, your co-worker says “Hey Brenda, Bynum left you a present in the warehouse and I think he stepped in it…I think you better get out here quick!”

We love our dogs.

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