Psychic hotline, here we come

We recently had a customer order a variety of stones in different quantities.  This is not unusual as I’m sure you can figure out there are lots of different reasons why people buy the stones in all kinds of combination’s.  This particular customer, however, was not happy with our service.  Here’s how the conversation went...

Customer:  “Hi, um, yeah, I just received my order and it’s wrong.”

CourageInStone:  “Oh no, we’re so sorry!  What is the problem?”

Customer:  “Well, I received 20 of the word Hope and I only wanted 2.”

CourageInStone:  “OK, let me take a look at your order….hmm…I see here that you actually ordered 20 of the word Hope.”

Customer:  “But, I didn’t want 20 Hope, I only wanted 2.”

CourageInStone:  “I understand.  But you ordered and paid for 20.”

Customer:  “Well, I just think you should have caught the error and corrected it.”

CourageInStone:  “How would we have known that you only wanted 2 instead of 20?”

Customer:  “Based on the rest of my order…I didn’t order 20 of any other stone.”

CourageInStone:  “Well, people order different amounts of stones for different reasons all the time.  How can we fix this for you?”

Customer:  “Oh, I’ll keep them.  But I just would have appreciated knowing that I made an error.”

CourageInStone:  “OK, well, we’ll try to catch that the next time you order. You have a nice day.”

So…we have decided to put a psychic on staff.  Anyone know of one that’s looking for a full time gig?

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