The New Girl

That’s me, Amy, the new girl in my daily race to beat the mailman.

It’s quite a challenge some days, he’s pretty sneaky.

I saw an ad on Craig’s List for this position with a link to this blog, and right away knew this was where I was meant to be. After all, I Rock.

Seriously though, I had just been informed that my company wasn’t renewing my contract, and I really needed to try something new. So I went for it. Sometimes when a door closes, another one really does open, and it’s to a much better place, even if it is a completely different one.

It’s been four weeks since I started and I like it more everyday.

When I’m packing your orders, I’m not just throwing rocks in a bag (well, ok maybe sometimes.)

But, most of the time, I’m wondering who the St Peregrine (Patron Saint of Cancer Patients) token is for, and how they are doing.

I get butterflies in my belly for the Policemen receiving the Policemen Pewter Pocket Tokens and hope it helps to give them courage.

I even get a small chuckle at the small collection of “roll in the hay”, “massage”, “kisses” and “one favor” tokens that I imagine a husband is buying for his wife.

No, we’re not changing the world here.

 But, sometimes I wonder that something we put in someone’s hands makes their world a little better, and that’s what makes me feel good.

So that’s me.

Nice to meet you!

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