Easy and fun way to bring the beach home

Need a little of the beach at home?

The thing about the beach is that it reminds us to appreciate the quiet, embrace our senses and do nothing more than absorb the space of time are in.

Somehow, being near the water makes everything else fade away, even if it’s only for the moment.

But – you knew there would be a ‘but’ didn’t you? – we can’t be at the beach everyday and so here’s a way to keep a little of the beach close to you at home, on your desk or give it as a gift to someone who needs a little pick me up.

Who doesn’t?

And here’s the other thing…

It’s Cheap and Easy to make!

I picked up the Glass Stones in sea glass colors from CourageInStone.com.  I chose 2 each of the following words:  Create, Imagine, Relax, Worry Less and Joy.  These are 5 of my favorite words, by the way!

I poured some store-bought sand (or sand from your latest beach trip) into a jar, and added my pretty glass stones along with some Vinyl Stickers from EAD Designs (eaddesigns.com)!  Voila!

Now, when the day is getting to me (not that it ever does, mind you, because my boss is AWESOME!), but if it ever did, I could shake up my jar and take a minute to imagine myself on the beach…

With a Margarita.  Extra salt please!!

Have a wonderful day!

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