Inexpensive, Beautiful Bridal Shower Favors

Beautiful Party Favors

Suzi needed an amazing gift to give as favors for a bridal shower she was hosting. This is what she came up with!!

Pack some punch the next time you need to make a gift for someone, these would work wonderfully for any occasion!

1. Pick some marble energy stones from – we have an amazing array of words – and don’t forget to include an organza bag.  We picked words that we thought would appeal to the bride.

2. Purchase some wine glasses, these can be any plain wine glasses.   We got ours at Dollar Tree for, say it with me now, ONE DOLLAR!

3. We ordered the sayings in vinyl from, but if you have a cricut you could cut them yourself.  We had the vinyl cut in the same color as the bridesmaids dresses.

4. You’ll also need some tissue paper and curly ribbon in a complementary color, we chose silver to go with the shoe color of the bridesmaids.

Get Started: This is really so easy!

1. Rub the vinyl on your clean, dry wine glass, make sure to line it up well before you adhere it.

 2. Add tissue paper in glass.

3. Put Marble Stone in Organza bag and place on top of tissue inside glass.

4. Add curling ribbon to bottom of glass.

That’s it!! You’re done!! The result is a beautiful gift for a party favor, dinner party or any occasion!!

P.S. from Suzi:  We had fun creating these simple but elegant favors in the office.  They were a huge hit at the bridal shower that I helped host Saturday evening!   Cheers!

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