Um, that’s Dudette to you…

“Dude, did you ship yet?” came the email today.

We get lots of emails, all day long. Some kind, some nasty, some informational. It’s not often we get emails that begin with ‘Dude’. In fact, I’m not sure it’s ever happened.

It made me laugh. Out loud.

We are an office of women. And we are fairly girly girls. We wear scarves, occasionally cry, get our feelings hurt by ‘mean’ customers and drink tea. We unanimously adore pedicures, talk about the best place to get our hair cut and colored and have long, involved conversations about giving birth (one of us became a new aunt yesterday!)

No one has ever mistaken any of us for a ‘dude’. (Funnier, however, then being referred to as ‘Dear Sir’.) ‘Dude’ conjures up thoughts of Hawaii, surfing and pot. None of which I’ve ever experienced. I swear.

I love my job. Not sure I love being referred to as ‘dude’, though. And yes, kind sir, your package shipped last week.

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