Lost in Translation

The unfortunately un-magnetized Christian Fish token.

Do you ever feel like you are talking and no one is listening?  Sadly, that feeling comes to me on a regular basis when answering questions our customers have about our products.  I feel that after working with these items for over 3 years I am pretty qualified to answer most questions and usually do so in a pretty clear way.  But every now and then someone just has to be told again and again and again.

Below is the email stream that I recently had with a customer over a two day period about one of our Inspiration Coins:

Customer: Will these stick to a magnet? How big are the tokens in comparison to a quarter? Nickel? Thanks.

Suzi: We have never attempted to make these into magnets but I assume it would be possible. They are approximately the size of a nickel but oblong. Thanks!

Customer: Is there any way you can confirm they’ll stick to a magnet?

Suzi: If you are asking if they are naturally magnetic the answer is no. We have had people buy many of our tokens to make them into magnets, so it will depend on what adhesive you use to attach the magnet. As I said before we have never attempted to make them into magnets. Thanks!

Customer: No, all I’m asking if it will stick to a magnet?  If I took a magnet and placed it on a quarter, the magnet would not “magnetize the quarter” and stick to it.  So, will these stick to a magnet like other metal objects?  Sorry to be a pain, but it’s important.

SuziNo, it will not stick to a magnet.

Please note dear reader that I did not end my final communication with my customary “Thanks!”, this is because I had given up hope at this point that he/she would actually buy the product… I was correct.


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