I might just need a hug…


We sell the word ‘Hugs’ in our glass engraved spirit stone line.  The word has been offered for a while now, and when we first carried it we sold them with pink ink instead of our standard black or gold.  It was the only stone we sold in pink ink – the color just seemed to fit the sentiment and the stones were very popular.  Ultimately, however, we decided to switch the ‘Hugs’ back to the standard ink colors to give the whole line a more uniform feel.

Recently a customer called and asked if we had any ‘Hugs’ left with pink ink.  She needed 5, but specifically only in clear glass with pink ink.  We had just gotten in a new shipment of stones, but I was pretty sure we had a few pink ones left on the very bottom of the bin.  I told the customer I would…

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