Top 5 Things I Love About My Job

1.  I can set my own hours.  Sort of. 

Being the owner technically gives me the flexibility to decide when I am in the office.  But, I would argue that I’m actually pretty much **always** working.  There is no such thing as leaving work at the office for me…this business was my first ‘baby’ and I’m constantly nurturing it and worrying about it and watching it grow and sometimes watching it stumble.  This is a constant thing for me.  But it is nice to occasionally say “I’m not coming in today, it’s a great day for a picnic at the park!”

2.  I get to be creative. 

We are constantly brain storming ideas around the office…from new products to marketing to customer relations to sales force incentives to blog ideas.  There are always projects to work on, always new ideas that need molding and shaping, always ‘the next big thing’.  I love it.

3.  I can bring my son to work.

I am grateful I can show my son on a daily basis that woman are strong and smart and can be business leaders.  I am thankful to show him how to work hard and in a team environment and how to respect business.  He is just a toddler, but I believe he is soaking all this in on a daily basis and will grow up with a strong, fundamental belief in the concept that hard work, honesty, laughter and passion are the keys to a happy life.

4.  I get to pick the people I work with.

We are a small company and work closely together.  So it’s essential that we get along.  Sometimes we cry, most of the time we laugh, and all of the time we respect each other.  I’m lucky to get to choose who I eat lunch with everyday. 

5.  Our customers.

I love making our customers happy.  We sell happy products.  Our stones and tokens heal, uplift, inspire, give courage and strength and generally make people feel good.  From births to funerals, and everything in between, we send products to people all over the world.  It is constantly astonishing that we can touch the lives of folks we’ll never meet. 

I hope you love your job as much as I do.

Namaste,  Brenda

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