Hello? Can anyone hear me?!


So…I did a shout out to my friends on Facebook the other day asking for help with ideas for this blog because I was having serious writer’s block.  One friend (hello SK!) suggested I write about that…needing ideas to write about.  Then she said “but one would question why you are doing a blog then”.   Excellent point my friend, excellent point.

If this was my personal blog, I would have given up ages ago.  It’s hard to be inspired on a consistent basis, then write about it.  I am a little embarrassed to admit that I would have been a blogger quitter.

But, every time I think about trashing the business blog, I read something about blogging being an excellent online marketing tool.  And it’s free.  So then I feel guilty, and I’ll bang out a few posts and hope for the best.  Since I run an online retail store, it is imperative that I keep up with search engine trends, new ‘fads’, link possibilities, etc.  My products can be pinned, instagrammed, facebooked, blogged, searched, linked, etsyed, amazoned, ebayed, and tweeted in addition to being purchased on our 3 websites.  Whew.  It’s TOUGH to keep up.

Recently I took some time off from work and being really present, both physically and mentally in the office.  About a year to be exact.  This meant I also took some time off the blog.   This summer I returned to work with a renewed energy and perspective.  And a new attitude about this blog.  I am determined to keep up with it, and I am eager to see some benefits.

So, thank you for reading this.  Blog on!


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