Dog Gone Crazy

Tux Pet 3628p

Meet my nephew, Tux. Yes, he’s a dog, but he’s my brother’s dog so that makes him my nephew. Now that we have that established, let me tell you about Tux. His name comes from his black coat and the adorable white stripe down his front – which makes it look like he is always dressed in a tuxedo. Very formal, this boy. Anyway, Tux is 4 years old and crazy. I mean the running, jumping, barking, basically how a dog is supposed to be crazy, but maybe a little more and this in turn makes the people in his life crazy!

Besides crazy, Tux is also what I call a “runner”.  If given the chance he will spring out the door and loves a good game of tag. Except he seems to like being ‘it’ so he never gets caught. This is what really makes the people in his life crazy.  A couple weeks ago,  Tux got out and decided he didn’t want to play tag, he just played run. He ran into some woods about ½ mile from his house and the game turned into a sad round of hide and seek.  My brother, his wife, friends, family and neighbors all tried to help find Tux that evening but he must have honed his craft, because he was well hidden.

We hung posters, made phone calls, drove around neighborhoods, lit up social media and prayed that Tux would come home.  After 2 agonizing days the phone call came, Tux had been found!  He was dirty and hungry but oh so happy that hide and seek was over!

This weekend I got to hang out with my brother’s family and see Tux. I decided to give him one of our Pet Blessing Coins because even though he is crazy, he really is a sweet blessing in the lives he has touched and they sure are happy to have him home. I hope the message on the back of the coin ‘Protect My Pet’ rings true for a long time to come for this crazy boy!

~ Suzi

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