Gone But Not Forgotten


This weekend I will be attending two funerals. The first is for someone very young and the other is for someone who lived a long happy life. I have great sadness that they will not share this world with us anymore but find peace in knowing that both of them were truly loved and leave behind families that will forever be changed by their presence.

Death touches and affects us all, it is inevitable. I think it is how we choose to remember and celebrate someone’s life that is the true statement of human character. At these services their immediate family will be devastated and everyone will sit in silence and ponder our own existence and how precious life is.

I will be giving the In Loving Memory Pocket Token to a few people at these services. I can only hope the words inscribed on the back

“Gone, yet not forgotten,
although we are apart,
your spirit lives within me,
forever in my heart. “

 will help them carry on in the coming days, weeks, and years without someone who meant so much to them.
~ Suzi

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