January Blues? Not Around Here!

I read an article this week that this past Monday may have been the most depressing day of the year.  Going back to work after a period of time with family and friends, coupled with the short days of winter may send some folks into a depression.  Ugh.

Personally I will admit that the short (and cold) days of winter are tough for me to take.  But, here at the office, we take a different approach when it comes to that first Monday in January when we’re all back to work on a regular basis.  That’s a day that we actually look forward to.  Really!

Coming through the Christmas season in retail can be…**ahem**…trying to say the least.  There is a general sense of urgency in orders from late November through mid December which definitely heightens our stress levels here in the warehouse.  We’ve got the process down pretty well, so we can generally go with the flow, but there are definitely more issues and interesting customers to deal with during that time.

So, come January we’re ready for some peace and new energy.  We take this time to clean the warehouse.  Brainstorm marketing strategies.  Roll out new products.  See what products aren’t selling.  Clean our desks.  Clean out our brains so to speak.

So I enjoy this time of year at work.  My mind is happy to be sorting through marketing strategies and business goals and product ideas.  Oh, and there’s usually still chocolate left from the gift box our landlord gives us, so you can be sure we reward ourselves early and often.  New marketing idea?  Get yourself a piece of chocolate!  New idea for a token?  Go enjoy that chocolate covered almond!

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying these first few days of the new year!  Happy 2014!


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