An Attitude of Gratitude Can Save Your Life (Guest Post)


Gratitude. The word brings to mind thankfulness, contentment, satisfaction, peace. It’s a mindset that calms. There are degrees of gratitude: We start at the admonition that if you can’t be grateful for what you have, be grateful for what you have avoided. We end at the overwhelming appreciation for every vein of every leaf on every tree, which could easily lead us to the edge of insanity. Somewhere in the middle, maybe veering a little toward the insane side, is an attitude of gratitude.

“When you are grateful for what you have, more will come into your life.”  There is a law that states, “You get what you love, what you fear, and what you think about most.” If you’re coming from a place of lack, turn your focus on the things in life that you do have, with love and appreciation. Let go of the fear that you are going to lose the person or thing or feeling that you love, because if you focus on that fear, you will surely make the loss your reality.

“An attitude of gratitude is a never ending prayer.” Cultivating an attitude of gratitude in the good times and your day to day life helps you recover faster from the horrible times: the death of a loved one, a terrifying diagnosis, the loss of your job.  Grief, rage, anger, despair all appropriate, expected, necessary, but you can’t stay in that dark place forever.  It’s that background work that will help you emerge. I am not saying that you will ever become grateful for that devastating event. Because of your gratitude practice you are used to focusing on the good and the beautiful things in life, and even in your darkest time the birds sing, the sun shines, and people love you. It helps.

Practicing gratitude is all about creating the life that you want. It will not protect you from bad things happening. Life is full of obstacles and challenges; it’s how we deal with them that can make life meaningful and satisfying or a state of constant despair.  An event that throws your life into a spiral can give you a feeling of unreality, like you’re in a movie. The truth is, you’re writing the script, you decide how the main character is going to deal with this life event.

Gratitude is about appreciation. Gratitude is about contentment. It’s not about attachment, it’s about the moment. I think to say to a loved one, “I am grateful for you,” says even more than, “I love you.” “I love you” can be scary and full of landmines for some people. They might think, “OK, you say love me, what does that mean you expect from me?”

~Kristina Runciman, owner Lifeforce Glass, Inc.

{Kristina is a business colleague, mentor and friend of mine since 2002.  I am grateful for her, her business, her advice and her inspiration.  ~Brenda}

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