Give Someone Your Heart


The human heart is such a fragile thing. Besides being a major organ needed to live, it is what most people think about when talking about emotions and specifically, love. Yet I find it amazing how we end up throwing the word ‘heart’ around. These are just a few common expressions using the word heart:

Eat your heart out
Cross my heart
Break someone’s heart
Follow your heart
From the bottom of my heart
Change of heart
Heart of gold
Have a heart-to-heart talk
Know it by heart
My heart is set on it
Pour your heart out
Take heart

Thank goodness these are only expressions used to convey feelings!  Could you imagine having a ‘change of heart’ that didn’t require major surgery or what an actual ‘heart-to-heart’ talk would look like?

February is the month of love…give a little heart next Friday! 

Red Glass Pocket Hearts – $1.95/each, but really, isn’t giving someone your heart priceless?



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