Navy Town


As we ate lunch at the office today, we were treated to the (loud) sounds of the Blue Angels flying overhead.  Today is practice for the big show tomorrow, which is a standard part of commissioning week here in Annapolis.  Friday is the United States Naval Academy graduation for the class of 2017, and the week leading up to the big day is always filled with special events.

For us locals, this means traffic, tourists, traffic, road closures, traffic, tourists and more traffic.  This also means that restaurants will have longer waits, shops will be busy and downtown parking will be extra tight.

But mostly what this means is that traditions will continue, parents and family will be proud and 932 men and 274 women will officially embark on their naval careers.

We’re lucky to live in a city with such a rich history.  The academy grounds are stunning and they are surrounded by a quaint and beautiful waterfront town.  When I am traveling, and someone asks me where I’m from, the reaction I hear most often is “oh, Annapolis is beautiful!”

Indeed it is.  And a few extra cars, a few extra people and a longer restaurant wait is a small price to pay for all the rewards.

Congrats to the United States Naval Academy Class of 2017!  Go Navy Beat Army!




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