Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer are here, and to make things a little more bearable, I’d like to introduce a couple of new friends from the warehouse.

Sky is a two year old yellow lab, and Willow is a one year old Havanese mix.  They have been coming to the office occasionally since they were puppies so they’ve learned that car trips don’t always mean shots and when the delivery folks come it means treats. What they have not mastered is relaxing.

Baxter, the resident Cockapoo is an 8 year veteran of the office and knows that when I walk into the warehouse to pack something up or check inventory, he can comfortably hang in his chair and be assured that mom will be back shortly.  Sky and Willow have not gotten this memo…they follow me constantly!

I must be in eyesight at all times; if I go to the bathroom, they lay outside the door with their noses pressed to the bottom crack to make sure I don’t escape through an escape hatch.  If I go behind the rock bins for too long, they come to check on me, even though they can hear me and see my feet!

But, when they came in with me this week, they had a new strategy – the middle!  That’s right, they laid in the middle of the warehouse so they could see and stare at me in any direction I went!  And, it worked…brilliant!  They actually laid still for 10 whole minutes while I was out there! Of course, they got some wrestling in with each other, as puppies do, but I know they still had their eyes on me.

I’m going to try to keep up with their warehouse antics and post more photos of their cute faces.  They make me smile, I hope they make you smile, too.


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