The Mail, Mail Trucks, and 1971

I have two boys, ages 8 and 9. We have lots of trucks in our home. Small trucks, big trucks, trucks that are battery operated, MatchBox trucks, random plastic trucks that I have no idea where they came from. This house does not need another toy truck.

But, I recently purchased each of my three dogs a postal carrier costume for halloween (stay tuned for that post which should be a hoot!) and I came across these absolutely adorable, awesome, had-to-have postal trucks on the website.

You can imagine the reaction of my children.

9 y/o: Mom! What are these?

Me: They are mine! Don’t touch!

8 y/o: But they’re trucks!

Me: Yes, and I love them. They are for my office. Not for you.

8 and 9 y/o: (stunned) Not for us?

Me: Not for you. Step away.

My 9 y/o then proceeded to spend the morning crafting small ‘packages’ with copy paper, so we could fill the trucks because…and this is AWESOME…the door actually opens on three of them!

And then there is the tiny, tiny mailbox. Swoon!

The small jeeps might be my favorite, though. They are replica’s of 1971 style jeeps, the year that I may or may not have been born. I can specifically remember these jeeps and our mailman Daryl driving one. He was my parent’s postman for years…right up until my mother died 3 years ago. And he’s probably still on that route because his parents live across the street.

9 y/o: Mom! I’ve never seen these jeeps before. Are they old? They must be old. Are they in a museum now?

Me: Go to your room!

The USPS has been getting some bad press lately – although really, they seem to get bad press all the time. My business highly depends on the postal service and we ship about 75% of our orders via their first class and priority mail service. We rarely – really, rarely – have issues with delivery or lost packages. I use a labeling software program which no doubt helps – it automatically checks the address and corrects if necessary – but overall the postal service is quite impressive from my end.

It’s the little things in life that get us through each day. I adore my new trucks. I get a kick out of looking at them at my desk. They make me happy.

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