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Always and Forever


These colorful glass love stones are just $1.95/each.  Choose the perfect saying to gift to a special person.  The stones come in a variety of colors and fonts styles – from romantic to uplifting, these stones work wonders for the heart.

Check out our entire line of imprinted colored glass stones.  So much fun!



In God’s Care

in God's Care

Saying goodbye is hard. This stone can be a comforting reminder that your loved one is in God’s hands.

This stone, and other inspirational sayings are $2.95/each with discounts for large quantities.  The stones measure approx. 3″ and are deeply engraved with white ink.


It’s hard to say goodbye


Years ago when I first started this business, my first line of word stones were very similar to the picture above.  They were made of marble, and were etched with about 50 different words.  They were great sellers, but they needed some improvement and we eventually decided to design our own using a new manufacturer.  The line pictured above was born.  We call them Marble Energy Stones.

We eventually expanded our inventory to include words engraved or imprinted on river rocks, glass, pewter and even ceramic.  But as we grew our lines, the marble stones took a back seat.  River rocks became our #1 seller…I think because of their organic nature and price points.  The marble stones just weren’t holding their own anymore.

The shift happened about 5 years ago, and each year since, as we brought in new product and liquidated old, I would campaign to keep these marble stones that reminded me of how far we’ve come and carried a nostalgic weight.  Deep down I knew it was not business savvy to keep these stones.  But I have poured my heart and soul into this business and to give up on an original product seemed like failure.

That is, until we had so many other great, wonderful and fantastic products that we just don’t have room for those original stones.  We are beyond excited about all the new stones and tokens and pocket pieces we have in stock and in the works.  Our creative juices are flowing…we’ve got so much new energy and we’re so jazzed to spread as much inspiration as we can!

And so here we are.  I am ready to say goodbye to these marble stones.  And yes, they are ‘just’ stones, but they are more than that to me, and always will be.


P.S. These Marble Energy Stones are now on sale while supplies last.  A superb deal at $1.25/each (down from $2.50/ea)!  They truly are beautiful stones…deeply engraved with gorgeous swirls of color.   But I’m not biased.  😉