Summer, A Time to Simply Live and Enjoy Life

As the school year ends for many children and summer nears, it has us here feeling a little nostalgic for yesteryear. We think back to the days of our youth lounging poolside without a care in the world. As the scents of chlorine, coconut tanning oil, and charcoal grills filled the air and the sounds of the latest pop song played over the airwaves; summer marked a time to simply live and enjoy life. We have sweet memories of evenings spent indulging on s’mores and catching fireflies…ah, summertime.

Now, many years later, summer no longer holds the sweet joy of youth nor marks an extended period of absolute relaxation. The trials and tribulations of life do not cease because the temperature rises and the days grow longer. Bills still need to be paid, loved ones still need to be cared for, illnesses don’t stop, and worries remain. We are still faced with temptation and confronted with challenges. Life can be difficult. At times, it seems we are being crushed by the weight of our obligations. We all have days when we just want to crawl back into bed, pull up the covers, and hide from everything.

It’s at that lowest of moments, when we have spiraled into a miserable funk, IT happens. Sometimes, IT happens out of the blue. Sometimes, a friend makes IT happen. You know, that spark to reignite your flame, to bring the smile back to your face. Perhaps, IT is the giggle of a grandson, the taste of a favorite sundae or maybe a song. Your thoughts race to a memory filled with happiness. Even if it is for merely a moment, you are transported to a time when life was good and all was well.

We build many memories throughout our life. Knowledge is taught and wisdom is gained; we have become the person we are today because of all of that we have experienced. While we can never go back to the carefree summers of our youth, we all need to remember the importance of those ideals; simply live and enjoy life. There is an expression, “through the eyes of a child you will see the world just as it ought to be.”

As we sit around the office today reminiscing about our childhoods, we are going to try to take our own advice to simply live and enjoy life. We invite you to join us; turn the volume up, click play, and dance around like no one is watching!