The peanut shoot is pooping strange things

About 2 months ago, we were playing with Baxter and Bynum in the warehouse (hey, we all need a break from work once in a while!)  The dogs have many, many toys (all strewn about the office) but one of their favorite is a squeaky orange duck.  Watching Baxter and Bynum play fetch is quite a site.  Here is how it goes:

Step 1:  Throw toy.

Step 2:  See Baxter race as fast as his furry little legs can take him to catch said toy.

Step 3:  Watch Bynum frantically chase Baxter (and surpass him), barking furiously.

Step 4:  Watch Bynum pickup toy in mouth.

Step 5:  Watch Baxter steal toy from Bynum.

Step 6:  Watch both dogs race back and deposit toy.

Step 7:  Repeat.

We were having a jolly good time, when Brenda got a bit overzealous and launched the duck at just the right angle, causing it to soar high through the air…and land right into the large packing peanuts dispenser shoot.  We have not seen it since.

Now, you don't see this everyday!

Until today.

It was with great joy as we all watched the duck re-emerge from the peanut shoot.  And it was certainly a happy reunion of duck and dog.

And now, as I write this, the sounds of squeaker toy fill the air once again.  All is right with the world.
A dog and his toy.