26 Rules of thumb

One of our most popular items is our ABC’s of Life plaque, a marble finished sign that lists 26 sweet and poignant ‘rules’ for leading a good and satisfying life (oh, if it were that easy.)  I thought I’d share with you 26 gems that I’ve learned over the past 9 years for being a productive, if not at times goofy, small business owner.

Accept advice.  Being open to different points of view is invaluable.

Buy (or borrow) really comfortable desk chairs.  Employees get cranky when you make them sit in cheap, cramped chairs.

Cry if you have to.

Discuss your long term goals with the people that will help you reach them.  They are integral to the plan and will constantly remind you where you are headed.

Expect the best from the people around you. If they are not offering their best, they are not the people that you should be around.

Find the humor in every situation.  It can be done.

Go home early once in a while.  The business will not fail if you leave 2 hours early on a Friday.  Trust me.

Hire funny people.  It keeps you sane and makes the work day that much better.

Invest in really great long underwear and fingerless gloves.  When you work part of the time in an unheated warehouse in a part of the world that can get pretty cold, these items will become the most important things you own.

Jump at the chance to learn from your mistakes.  My best ideas have come from monumental failures.

Keep sweets on hand at all times.  Afternoon treats are essential for maximum productivity.

Learn to delegate tasks.  You cannot do it all yourself.  I know, I’ve tried.

Marry someone who supports you 100 percent.  Knowing someone’s got your back is priceless.

Never be rude to the delivery person.  They are your lifeline when you run an online business.

Open your mind to ideas that you never thought you’d entertain in a million years.

Practice what you preach.  Never act any differently then you’d want your employees to act.

Quit bitchin’, get off your ass and just do it.

Rest.  Your best work is not accomplished when you are tired.

Spend some time just venting.  It clears the mind and makes you much more productive in the time immediately following the unleashing.

Try, try again if you fail.  Every single successful person in this world failed at something before they hit it big.

Uncork a really great bottle of wine after a particularly successful campaign, and share it with important people in your life.

Victory is fleeting.  Do not rest on your laurels.

When in doubt, go with your gut.

Xanadu can be found.  It just takes a lot of patience, hard work and determination to get there.

Yearn for something more.  There is no telling where you can go.

Zeal is good.  Enthusiasm is contagious.

These are my ABC’s.  What are yours?

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