All in a days work

Do you know how to use a computer?  Are you willing to answer the phones?   Are you okay with heavy lifting?  These were 3 simple questions asked during my interview for this job that seemed to have simple answers: “Yes, Yes, & Yes!”  Little did I know how many variations these simple questions would take on.

We here at joke about what my title actually is.  Some days I use “Admin” others I am “Sales”, and often times I am “Marketing Manager.”  The boss even had a sign made up proclaiming me “Executive Vice President of Logistics  aka: Nosy Overseer Of All Things (NO OAT)” because that seemed to fit my personality the best.  I like to have my hand in everything having to do with the day to day operations of this business.   Don’t get me wrong –  I have my limits (remember from last time, I don’t like cleaning) – but mainly if it needs to get done, I will jump in to do it.

My 'official' title. My last name has been blurred to protect the guilty...

Before coming on board here I had never worked for a small business.  For a time I was an independent contractor (aka: lone wolf) and I also worked for corporations where no one knew my name or even cared to learn it.  Being part of a small business team means just that, team.  It is truly a case of “there is no I in team” around here.  On any given day I will do most if not all of the following:

– Answer phones for orders or questions

– Make phone calls to clarify orders or questions

– Email customers or vendors about orders and questions

– Meet with the boss about orders and questions (do you see the pattern yet???)

–  Help pack and ship outgoing orders to our fabulous customers

– Unpack and put away incoming inventory (30,000 stones in 4 hours, can you say heavy lifting?)

– Research any and all marketing strategies to get people “in the know” about

– Research our customers on Facebook (if you can see me, I gotta see you!)

– Make an afternoon run for “sweet treats” for the office

– Write funny, witty, entertaining, interactive blogs (wink,wink)

– Build furniture; desks, bookshelves and Ice Cream Parlor table and chair sets, as needed

Okay that last one was a newer one added to my list a few weeks ago and I swear I never saw it coming, but as you can see from the photographic evidence I jumped right in and helped make it happen.

Not quite what I had in mind when I took this job, but it sure makes the days interesting!

There are of course a few things around here I won’t do:

– Pick up messes from the boss’ dog

– Pay the bills

– Wash windows (goes with that cleaning phobia I have)

So when people ask me what I do for a living, the answer that may seem simple – “I work for a small online retailer” – is so much more complicated than that and I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am proud to be the NO OAT!!!!!

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