Get me to the church on time

It’s June and that means wedding season is in full swing.  Blushing brides, handsome grooms, flower girls, ring bearers, and those nutty relatives you can never get off the dance floor, all culminate in what will hopefully be one of the happiest days of their lives.  If only the favors could be perfect…

That is where we at come in.  We sell many small items that are perfect for wedding favors and decorations and I have happily assisted brides in selecting just the right token or stone for their most special day.  Please keep in mind that our most popular item is our Engraved River Rocks and that they are a natural product.  So when brides call saying, “Can I get those in a muted amber?” I shudder and say “They come in browns and tans but the colors vary because they are natural.”  To which she replies, “But, can I get them in muted amber?” 

I must say that while I am a 13 year veteran of marriage I don’t really recall being quite so picky about all things wedding.  If any of my friends or bridal party members are reading this and feel that I am incorrect, I ask you to hold your tongues for the sake of our friendship!  I know white is white and ivory is ivory but will your guests really care if their stone is not muted amber?

See, those bridesmaids dresses CAN be worn again...

I have been asked to be a part of 7 weddings not including my own.  Actually 2 of them are on the horizon so I am speaking from some serious experience. I have 6 bridesmaid gowns and one yet to be selected, and I can honestly say that while I thought for a brief, fleeting moment I could wear each of them again, I never, ever have.  I did, however,let my brother borrow one for a Whoa-man competition for charity.  See bridal friend, I did get more than one use out of it.   

That is only to say that I have been in and attended a lot of weddings, so when people call me about the favors for their special day, I can honestly tell them that our stones may be little, but they pack a big bunch.  They are a feel-good kind of thing.  They make people happy and since that is what weddings are all about, I feel they are a perfect fit. 

Brides and bridal consultants call all the time and ask about pricing and shipping times.  I always ask when the event is and usually about 3 months is the answer, more than plenty of time for us to get your stones to you, even if they are custom made with your names and wedding date engraved on them.  But alas, too many times I have gotten the phone call which goes something like this:

“Yeah, hi I called like 4 months ago about some stones for my wedding and you gave me a price quote, do you remember me?  Well, um the wedding is this Saturday, but um, can I still get custom stones with Bobbi Sue and Frank Forever on them?”  Sadly Bobbi Sue, we cannot get you those custom stones, but if you would like one of our wonderful stock words and are willing to pay expedited shipping we can still make your dreams come true…

My favorite recent call came from a groom (there is a first time for everything people) asking about some of our tokens and was very concerned about the look of them and asked if we might send a sample.  His reasoning…he needed to make sure his future mother-in-law approved them before he put the full order in.  Now that man is thinking ahead, since we all know that a Happy Mother-in-law equals a Happy Life!

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