The wacky ‘wonderful’ world of Customer Service

When I took the reins of customer service here at I knew I would be dealing with all kinds of people and personalities.  I am by nature a people person, and some would say a people pleaser.  Okay, I just want everyone to be happy all the time, is that so wrong?  But lately I have gotten some emails that have just baffled me. 

Here is a quick sample to whet your appetite:

 Customer email (sent on 7/18):  ~~ I would like to order the pewter hearts.  A bag of 100.  Would like to have them by Thursday 7/22/10. 

 That’s it people, no “Here is my phone number and please call me, so I can give you my name, address and credit card information” no “I’ll put the order in online and please confirm these can be delivered by my need by date”.  What am I psychic??? (See previous post about us looking for a full-time psychic to help with customers such as these!)

 Here are a couple more slightly lost souls:

 Customer #1:  ~~I want to place an order but can’t find ‘go to check out.’ Do you deliver to the UK?

 Customer #2:  ~~ I would like to place a small order of 6 word stones to determine if I want to order in bulk.  I do not see where I can order on-line.  Am I missing something? HELP!

 Their only error was that they didn’t scroll down far enough on the page to see the order grid.  I could tell you what I think customer #2 could be missing but you would think I am being mean, and that is not what this blog is intended for.  If you are the author of one of these messages, please be assured that I have answered your query with great intentions and only want to help you place your order.  But every now and then when they all pile up in my inbox I have to wonder out loud…what is going on with people?  Trust me, I know that I ask crazy questions on a daily basis. The difference is I try to ask them in my own head and never let them escape my lips if they sound too crazy!

We also seem to attract people who would like things basically for free.  Sometimes they come right out and say it:

 ~~ I am hosting a Holiday Open House party at my store this November, and would love to have some items from you as door prizes for my customers. This is a great way to show my customers I appreciate them, and for you to show you appreciate my store.  🙂  Please let me know if you are able to send some product for the event.

 Most times they are slightly (and I use this word loosely) more subtle:

 ~~Hey! Just got one of your tokens, would you give me free shipping if I buy a second? Thanks!

 ~~I was just wondering if it’s possible to get special pricing for this item. I plan on giving them as “Thank You” favors at my grandmother’s 85th birthday party next January and I would need about 25 tokens.

 ~~ Hello: I really hope that I am not insulting you. Please don’t take it that way. I would really like to have one of your pennies.  But the most that I can offer to you is a $1.25 total. That’s with shipping.  If you won’t make any money selling it for $1.25 I’ll understand. I thank you very much for your time and consideration. Thank you for being so kind to me in this matter.

 It is amazing how insulting people can be when they say they aren’t trying to insult you!  We are very glad that our tokens and stones are a product in demand.  I am here and willing to help you get the best price we can offer for the amount of items that you are looking to purchase. 

But dear, sweet, thoughtful, kind customers of mine, our company does need to make a little profit…so I can get a little paycheck!  🙂

One thought on “The wacky ‘wonderful’ world of Customer Service

  1. WOW!!!!! There is really some crazy people out there….such is the customer service world….I feel your pain……been there…still there in my own business…they are EVERYWHERE and want EVERYTHING for free!!!!!


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