Our new “Word Signs” – so cute and inspired…

Happy Autumn!  This time of year is always uplifting for me.  Oh, how I love the changing colors, cooler weather, the passing snow clouds followed by warm afternoons, and the delicious smells from the crock pot.  The earth’s transformation from one season to the next is amazing and inspiring.  We often times become stale and need a refreshing boost; the changing seasons brings a revival to our souls.  With this new point of view we feel motivated to complete tasks, set and achieve goals, chat with an old friend, do a good deed or two, whatever sparks the fire within.  Here at CourageInStone.com, we thrive on daily boosts.  Whether by receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers, sharing a laugh, enjoying a sweet afternoon treat, or just being surrounded by our products, we are feeling good!  With all this goodness new products are created…

 I am thrilled to announce the arrival of my latest project.  I have created a line of 5″x7″ signs designed to inspire and boost your day.  Small enough to hang anywhere and simply charming, these signs say what we often need to hear.  Check ’em out – let me know what you think 🙂


Danielle, in-house artist

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