B-E-F-O-R-E & A-F-T-E-R

Wondering how to use your new river rocks?

We recently had a customer love and purchase different product, most being river rocks. After receiving them she then actually called us back to ask how to use them! So besides thinking our product is just beautiful, we are coming up with new and different ways to use our gorgeous stones!

Flower/Tree pot With River Rocks

Got a plant that needs a little sprucing up?!
We added 60 stones to this large pot.
Voila! And the stones even help with drainage!

And speaking of River Rocks, if you’re feeling creative you can design your own! The promotions just started so don’t miss out!  We’ve lowered our minimum purchase requirement to just 50 for each custom design (down from 100)!  Come visit us soon!


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