Simple and Inexpensive Mother’s Day Craft

Items you will need:

  • Picture frame (mine is from the local dollar store)
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun
  • Stones or tokens from (I used Glass Engraved Spirit Stones…item #8400)
  1. Make sure your frame is clean and dry before attaching items.
  2. Insert pictures or artwork into the frame.
  3. Apply glue directly to the back of the stones and place on the frame.  Press firmly.
  4. I have created a couple of looks so you can see the frame can be simple or really colorful and still bring a smile to the recipient.
Step 1: $1 store frame
Step 2: Insert fabulous family photos.
Step 3: Apply glue.
Step 4: Firmly press stones on frame.
Step 5: Add stones...
Step 6: More stones...
Step 7: Voila! Finished product!

This is a perfect gift for mom and grandma this Mother’s Day season!

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